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YOU! Can Represent NYAPC at Annual Iraq/Syria-Lebanon Network Meetings in Louisville!!

The Peace & Justice Committee will cover Registration/Room/Board for you to represent NYAPC at the annual Iraq Partnership Network meeting,September 15-17, and/or the overlapping Syria Lebanon Partnership Network meeting September 17-19.  There will be a joint meeting of the two Networks on September 16/17 for the New Arrivals Working Group to consider how to assist newly arriving refugees to the U.S. from these countries.

Meetings and lodging are on the campus of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Lodge Hall.  Total cost for both Network meetings for registration, room and board is about $435 which Peace and Justice will reimburse (or Iraq = $200, Syria Lebanon = $235).  Both Networks have requested that an NYAPC representative attend the meetings!!

For questions or registration forms, contact Marilyn Seiber, or 703-893-1559Registration deadline August 20.


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