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The Reformed tradition understands Baptism and the Lord’s Supper to be Sacraments, instituted by God and commended by Christ.  Sacraments are signs of the real presence and power of Christ in the Church.

— Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Book of Order

At NYAPC, we practice both infant and adult baptism. We believe in one baptism. If you’ve been baptized in another church, we consider you baptized.

In infant baptism, ordinarily the parent(s) or one(s) exercising parental responsibility should be active members of the congregation. In the service, they promise to provide nurture and guidance within the community of faith until the child is ready to make a personal profession of faith and assume the responsibility of active church membership.

In adult baptism, the adult chooses to acknowledge the role of Jesus Christ in his or her life, making a profession of faith.

Our baptism is done by “sprinkling” from the baptismal font in front of the sanctuary.  Pastor Gench uses this font every week during the confession to remind us that our baptism affirms that we belong to God.

If you would like to learn more about baptism or ask questions about baptizing a child, please contact the church office via email here.