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The New “NYAPC Seeking God Blog”

NYAPC Seeking God Blog

Humble beginning, but already featuring
thought provoking and conversation starting content.
This week, Senior Pastor, Rev. Roger J. Gench and Associate Pastor, Rev. Alice R. Tewell created a new blog called NYAPC Seeking God, where you will find “Food for Thought” reflecting on Rev. Gench’s current readings and his work engaging in spirituality with the congregation and the church community. In addition, Rev. Tewell in which she shares her experience “Digging for God,” as a pastor, mother, partner and child of God.
Many posts will also fit within the category of  NYAPC-Children-and-Youth to replace the semi-weekly newsletter format.
As time progresses, they hope to feature posts that will focus on life as a congregant.These posts will keep the church informed and provide space for extended dialogue that don’t quite fit into the bulletin or the NYAPC Weekly.
The blog is can be considered as an open forum. We welcome guest writers and posts about a variety of church happenings! If you are interested in joining the conversation, please contact Rev. Alice Tewell ( or Jasmine Jowers ( for more information on how to get started.
Please click here to view the blog. Make sure to bookmark it!
NYAPC Seeking God


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