Expressing God's Love, Engaging in God's Justice

Here are a few thank you that our guests who came for the Inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington left behind:

We cried with joy when you said we could stay.

-Rev. Jamie Haskins, Director of the Center for Faith & Service, Chaplain, Instructor of Religious Studies at Westminster College, Fulton, MO

BIG SHOUT OUT to New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in D.C. They opened their doors to tired, cold, hungry marchers with full bladders. Their message was love, love, love and inclusiveness. No proselytizing or choosing sides, just service and Christianity as it was meant to be. They are an “inclusive, justice-seeking church.” This marcher thanks you from the bottom of her heart and honors your commitment to service!

We received coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies, donations only. They also opened their door to overnight guests at no cost. Here is their message on the website:

We invite you to march-day hospitality: Members of the church will stay at the church to serve as hosts for those seeking to warm up, use the bathrooms, charge a cell phone (limited plugs), or join in conversation. We will have hot beverages and snacks available for our daytime and overnight guests. Our sanctuary will be open for prayer and meditation. All guests from any background or belief are most welcome inside the building! #newyorkavenuepresbyterian

-Lynelle Morgenthaler

Thank you so very much!  You were all awesome and welcoming, upbeat and amazing.  Thank you for providing food and sanctuary for all of here for the march!

-Janet from Garland, TX

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for your welcoming hospitality during the Women’s March on January 21st, 2017.  My friends and I were tired and thirsty, and trying to find our way around the city before heading  home after the march.  Seeing your doors open, and smiling faces welcoming us to come inside, rest, use the facilities, and even get a snack was such a nice surprise for us.  Your thoughtful kindness and generosity  was inspiring, and just added to the whole wonderful experience that day!

– Regina Keller

I attended the awesome March in DC on Saturday.  As we waited in the dusk for our bus pickup, out of nowhere appeared an angel from your church (can’t remember her name, sorry, but she knows who she is) with a pitcher of iced tea, cups , and a plate of cookies! As much as that was appreciated (and believe me it was greatly appreciated), the further offer of a clean restroom blew me away. I’m from NYC, and can think of only a handful of groups that would have done the same. Words cannot express the full scope of my gratitude, and I’m sure I speak for all who benefited from your incredible generosity when I offer my thanks. Please do me the favor of sharing this with all those involved.

-Sincerely,  Brigid Scott

Thank you to the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church for opening its doors to marchers during the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017!  Your offer of refreshments, and a sanctuary for prayer or reflection was welcome at this difficult time in our nation’s history. Thank you very much! 

Susan Robinson
Ithaca, NY

2020 Stewardship Update

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Free 2020 Calendars Available

The McClendon Scholar Program has once again purchased copies of the Equal Justice Initiative’s 2020 Calendar on The History of Racial Injustice and they are available free to NYAPC members who are interested. The limit is one per family and you can pick up your calendar at the main reception desk in the church office as long as supplies last.

Lenten Devotional Booklet Submissions due February 9

Lenten Devotional booklet contributions are being solicited.  Please contact Miriam Dewhurst at Contributors are asked to write a short devotional essay related in some way to the lectionary texts for a particular day of the Lenten season. These essays are printed in a booklet that is used in the church and beyond.  Deadline for submission is Sunday, February 9.

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