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Summer Schedule for Adult Sunday School Classes

From May 24 through September 6, we’ll have one worship service each Sunday at 10 AM and Adult Church School at 9 AM.

Sunday, 9:00 am, Lincoln Chapel

“Adventures in Prayer”

Maybe you are new to prayer.  Maybe prayer is as natural to you as breathing.  This class, which will meet in the Lincoln Chapel from 10:20-10:50 on two-service Sundays, is for everyone and anyone who takes prayer seriously. We will learn together and we will pray together. All questions, joys, and concerns are welcome.  Come when you can.  The adventure awaits.  Led by Miriam Dewhurst.

Sunday, 9:00 am, Room 511

July 5: “From the New York Avenue Archives: Peter Marshall Preaches.” The Rev. Peter Marshall was Pastor of the New York Avenue Church from 1937 to 1949 and was Chaplain of the Senate. Catherine Marshall’s book, “A Man Called Peter”, and the movie by the same title brought Marshall’s inspirational life to millions throughout the world. This class will present two audios of his moving sermons; time for conversation and comment will follow.
July 12: “From the New York Avenue Archives: Protesting the War in Vietnam.” This class will include audios from several services of protest held at New York Avenue during the Vietnam War. Among those offering prayers, meditations and sermons will be Dr. George Docherty, Rabbi Abraham Heschel, the Rev. William Sloane Coffin and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Time for conversation and comment will follow.
July 19: “Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence.”This powerful hour-long documentary attempts to shift the conversation about gun violence prevention to one in which it becomes a public health issue viewed from many perspectives. Discussion led by Karen Milam.
July 26: “Guest Speaker:  Myriam Alvarez of 1st Church Havana.” First Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Havana recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its mission program, “Your Friendly Telephone.” Psychologist on staff, Myriam Alvarez, has been the psychologist directing and developing the program which offers free telephone hot-line and walk-in consultation services at the church open to everyone, children to seniors. First Havana’s Friendly Telephone is the first in Cuba — and as far as we know — in Latin America, to offer a free, church-run, professional hot-line service.
August 2: “From the New York Avenue Archives: George Docherty Preaches.” Dr. George Docherty was Senior Pastor of the New York Avenue Church from 1951 to 1976.  In his long and illustrious ministry, Rev. Docherty was noted and loved for his colorful and powerful sermons. This class will include a sermon at New York Avenue from later in his life that captures some of the spirit of his ministry among us. Time for conversation and comment will follow.
August 9: “From the New York Avenue Archives:  Roger Gench Preaches.” Dr. Roger Gench has been Senior Pastor of New York Avenue Church since 2002. He remains one of the most moving and persuasive preachers in this City.  We will hear one of Roger’s finest sermons even though he’ll be in Colorado at the time.  Time for conversation and comment will follow.


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