Statement from Alison Kootstra Nowak about Stewardship

My name is Alison Kootstra Nowak and though it’s hard for me to believe it, this fall marks 10 years of attending New York Avenue Presbyterian for me.

A lot has happened in those years and New York Avenue has been a big part of my life since I walked in the door for the first time. I was ordained as a deacon here on these steps, my husband and I were married here at this table, and soon we plan to baptize our infant daughter here at the baptismal font.

Through all the challenges and celebrations of these years I have felt loved, supported, and encouraged to grow spiritually here at New York Avenue. With caring words, cards, the beauty of liturgy and music on Sunday mornings, and countless other ways, the people of this church have welcomed my family and I am so grateful.

In this church I’ve also found a place that has challenged me to practice love and service towards others. Through programs like Community Club and service on boards like the Diaconal Ministers I’ve found the opportunity to make wonderful intergenerational friendships and provide support and care to others in the name of Christ.

New York Avenue is also the first place where I filled out a pledge card and committed to giving regularly to the mission and work of a church. Today my husband and I continue to give to New York Avenue because we want our daughter to be able to grow up surrounded, loved and challenged by the people connected to this place – by all of you. We not only give, we make sure to pledge what we expect to give each stewardship season so that those planning for the future of this church can make informed and wise decisions.

Please prayerfully consider what this church means to you and how you can give to support it. There are stewardship cards in the pews you can fill out and place in the offering plate or return to the church office. Please join me in supporting New York Avenue Presbyterian Church this stewardship season.