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McClendon Center

The McClendon Center was created more than 25 years ago by Dr. Jack E. McClendon, an associate pastor at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. It was originally a socialization and meal program for those with mental illnesses. The Board of Deacons of the church evaluated the program about ten years ago and saw the need to offer more services to the mentally ill, with an emphasis on recovery and assisting those with mental illness to be advocates for themselves.

As result, the Center is now a separate, charitable organization and is certified to provide therapy and medication to its mental health consumers. In addition the Center offers programs in health and wellness; substance abuse recovery; and art, music, and dance therapy. It was given the highest mental health score among all mental health providers by the DC Department of Mental Health in 2010.

Four New York Avenue members sit on the McClendon Center Board.Formally named The McClendon Center Day Services/Socialization Services Program, the Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 c (3) corporation funded through the DC Department of Mental Health and continues to operate in the church building.

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