Prayer for Victims of Orlando, FL Massacre

Dear NYAPC members and friends,

We are shocked and horrified by the massacre in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning.  In this time of despair and suffering, we look to God, the Good Shepherd, who tends all of the flock. We seek after God the way we know how — in prayer.

Lord, hear our prayers:

O God, you hear our cry amid the violence of the massacre in Orlando, Florida — a violence that is incomprehensible.  Indeed, you know suffering in all of its immensity.  You became incarnate in human flesh that knew such suffering, and you continue to know the blood-stained face that human existence wears.  Be with families who bear the wounds of this tragedy; be especially with the ones most desperately in need of comfort. Be the Good Shepherd who walks with us through every dark valley, preparing a table for us even in the presence of enemies, and restoring our souls.

God we pray especially for the entire LBGTQ community as they process this tragedy.  Be with all those who have suffered and have been persecuted because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  Be with all who live in fear.

And, O God, we share this cry with those of other faiths, especially our Muslim sisters and brothers who, with us, find such acts of violence a betrayal of you.  Help us to join hands with people of all faiths to work for the day when no one will take up violence against another.  May your kingdom come and your will be done for us all—and may we be agents of your healing, reconciling reign. Amen.

All of our love, your pastors,

Roger and Alice