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Recurring Events

Sunday Morning Prayer
Weekly at 9:15 am
Join others in a time of prayer for our community, the world, neighbors in need, and our own members and friends on our Care/Prayer list.

Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 646 558 8656 with meeting ID 772 350 9505 

Sunday Worship
Weekly at 10:00 am
Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, worship is being conducted virtually. Grab some coffee, and join your community of faith for online worship, fellowship, and reflection.

Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 929-436-2866 with meeting ID 150 620 342

Tuesday Morning Prayer
Weekly at 8:00 am
A space to connect in liturgy and prayer with our faith community and leaders.

Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 301-715-8592 with meeting ID 229 424 538

Thursday Morning Prayer
Weekly at 8:00 am
A space to connect in liturgy and prayer with our faith community and leaders.

Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 301-715-8592 with meeting ID 553 049 565

Thursday Community Book Study
Weekly at 10:00 am
We will be discussing a current bestseller, Caste by Isabella Wilkerson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author.  Through vivid stories and careful research, she tells the painful story of America’s unspoken caste system which has stained our country from the beginning.  Finally she shows ways we can move beyond this destructive separation along racial lines, towards hope in our common humanity and compassion towards the stigmatized victims.  Her powerful story-telling leads us into the painful reality of Blacks living in America.  Join us by zoom on Thursdays at 10 am.  Hosted by Tom Dunlap and others.

Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 301-715-8592 with meeting ID 134 791 118

Parents Gathering
Every other Friday at 8:30 pm
All parents are invited to join us as Kristin Ford will facilitate a time of sharing about how you are coping during this pandemic, as well as the tips, joys, and surprises you are discovering along the way. Our next gathering is Friday, December 4th.

Go to Zoom Meeting or dial 301-715-8592 with meeting ID 813 2590 9225

Featured Events

Friday “Friendsgiving”
Nov. 27, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Log on for a moment or for the full hour to say hello and share some time over the Thanksgiving weekend. If you like, bring your favorite beverage or an appetizer to the screen!

Register anytime before Friday at 5 for the link 

Recorded Worship Service
First Sunday of Advent
For the first Sunday of Advent, we are offering a recorded worship service to give our worship team time off over the Thanksgiving weekend. Watch for the link in our weekly email, or go to this worship page on our website for the link.

Trustees Q&A
Nov. 29 & Dec. 13, after worship
Please join the Trustees for Q&A sessions to learn more about the $2 million worth of improvements on our church building that will begin in January, the culmination of a decade-long multi-phase effort to revitalize our building. This work will reduce annual operating costs as well as support our worship life and mission activities for years to come.  Trustees will provide information on the scope of work and timeline, with particular attention on the financial benefits to completing this work now while the building is empty.  We look forward to your participation and to answering any questions that you might have!

Go to Zoom or dial 646-558-8656 Meeting ID: 832 9822 6614 Passcode: 341632

Virtual Advent Retreat
Dec. 5, 10:00 am -12:00 pm
A Journey of Hope: In this challenging time of pandemic protocol with masks and distancing and post-election time of mending relationships, it is time to find a peaceful space in your home away from others and activities to give yourself two hours of quiet to reflect on the meaning of hope in this season of waiting and anticipation. Give yourself time to be refreshed in your relationship with God. Led by Rev. Beth Braxton and Elders Tom Dunlap and Miriam Dewhurst.

Go to Zoom or dial 646-558-8656 Meeting ID: 848 9734 1626

Discipleship in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Dec. 5 & Dec. 12, 4:00 pm
As disciples of Jesus, we are called to follow him. But exactly what does “follow” mean? Each of the Gospel writers came to somewhat different answers to that question. This Bible study will delve into passages in each Gospel that encapsulate a different perspective on “discipleship.”  Paul Dornan will lead this discussion.

Go to Zoom or dial 646-558-8656  meeting ID  772 350 9505 and then press #

Congregational Meeting
Dec. 6, 11:00 am
After worship, we’ll stay on Zoom to have  a short meeting to elect new Elders, Deacons, Diaconal Ministers and Trustees. Please plan to join us!

First Sunday FaithTalk
Dec. 6, 5:00 pm
We’ll talk about the spiritual practice of discernment. What is it? How can we practice it in our own lives and as a congregation? First Sunday FaithTalk is a "come as you are" gathering. All you need to bring is a willingness to share and to listen.
Email to RSVP and to be added to the First Sunday FaithTalk email list.