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Welcome to the Nursery at NYAPC

On Sunday mornings, babies and toddlers under 4 are welcome in the nursery located on the Park Level (one level below the ground floor entrance on New York Avenue). If it is your first time at NYAPC, you are welcome to visit the nursery prior to deciding what is best for you and your child. Please ask the front desk staff for directions.

When we have two services (8:45 and 11:00), our nursery is open from 8:30-12:30 each Sunday. When we have one service at 10, we are open from 9:00-12:30.

We do not have a minimum age, though if you have a child under 3 months and/or it is your first time coming to the nursery, it is helpful to let Pastor Alice know the week before that you are coming so we can plan to make your child’s experience a good one. Older children are welcome when the nursery is not too crowded or approval has been granted by the nursery care workers, the Christian Education cluster and/or Pastor Tewell.

We highly value the youngest ones who attend the nursery! The nursery is cleaned on a weekly basis.  It’s painted in cheerful colors with many age appropriate toys and books.  We hope your child enjoys his or her time with us!

Care is provided by licensed, paid professionals supervised by Associate Pastor Alice Tewell. For more about our Child Protection Policy, click here.

During the services, worship bulletins, picture books, for children available in the rear of the sanctuary on the right side as you face the pulpit. In the early service, children accompany the Associate Pastor Tewell and a helper for Worship Play, following the Time for Children, and return to the sanctuary and their parents after the sermon.

Starting at age 3, children are invited to participate in the Sunday School classes. Classes for all ages of children and youth begin with Gathering Time at 10 am in the large area on the Park level (basement). Individual classes run from 10:15-10:50 am.  Our PreK class is our introductory play-based class for potty trained children over 3 who have not yet started kindergarten.

Procedures and more details for coming to the Nursery:

  • Please sign your child in when you come and sign your child our when you leave. Please leave the best phone number to contact you just in case. It is helpful to let the nursery care providers know where you might be sitting in church in case they need to find you.
  • At a minimum, we always have at least 1 teacher to 3 children (of any age) in the nursery, the highest standard for infant care in DC. Typically we have 3-4 care providers each Sunday.
  • Light snacks are usually served in the morning. If you DO NOT want your child to have snacks provided by the church, please inform the nursery care workers.  You are invited to contribute snacks to the nursery at anytime.  Please make these nut-free, age-appropriate, relatively healthy and not requiring refrigeration.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own bottle/ cup for your child with milk, water or juice. Please label your child’s cup.
  • You are most welcome to nurse here, in the crib room, in the worship play office (2nd floor) or wherever else in the church you feel comfortable.
  • We no longer provide blankets to babies and children for naps. According to DC regulation, children are not allowed to share blankets.  We also want to minimize any risk for SIDS.  If your child likes to be covered when she or he sleeps, please bring your own sleep sack or blanket.
  • You are encouraged to bring your own diapers and wipes. However, if you forgot them, don’t worry — we have plenty of extras!
  • Please ask! If you would like to know anything about your child’s experience in the nursery, please ask.  You might ask if your child took a nap (and for how long) and if your child had a snack.  Please ask anything else you might think of.