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Roger Gench

Rev. Roger Gench has been the Senior Pastor at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church since 2002. He is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia (Th.M, PhD) and a former pastor of the Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland. He has conducted spiritual retreats for lay people and clergy on Spiritual Disciplines (especially St. Ignatius), Spiritual Uses of the Bible, Interfaith Dialogue, Politics & Religion, and Faith & Ethics. He serves as clergy leadership of the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN). Roger is the author of Theology in the Trenches: Reflections on Urban Ministry, published by Westminster John Knox Press in 2014.

Alice Rose Tewell

Rev. Alice Rose Tewell serves as the Associate Pastor/ Deputy Head of Staff at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.  She is passionate about integrating children and youth into the vital urban ministries at NYAPC, encouraging each person to show up both in places of brokenness and in places of joy, and promoting a spirit of openness towards experiencing God’s presence in everyday moments of life.  She is a lover of the outdoors, and connects to God most concretely when running (often pushing a stroller), gardening, and playing with her family at neighborhood parks.

Dr. Stanley P. Engebretson

Dr. Stan Engebreton is the Minister of Music at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. He is the Director of the Church Choir, the Organist, and the supervisor of the Choral Scholar program and the Youth Choir. To contact Stan, email him at

Jasmine Jowers Prout

Jasmine Jowers Prout serves as the Church Administrator at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.   She is responsible for managing NYAPC facilities, administration and office affairs.  Jasmine is passionate about creating a fair and equitable work environment for all,  listening to and promoting the gifts and calls of others, and problem solving with a clear head and heart.

Lance Jameson

Lance Jameson is the Senior Accountant at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. Lance staffs the all of the finance committees of the church as well as the Trustees. He works diligently to make sure that our financial system is as transparent and accessible as possible to both members and staff. Please contact him with any finance or giving questions or concerns at or 202-393-3700 ext. 215.

David Smoot

David Smoot is the Building Superintendent at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. He manages the day to day building operations for the church as well as supervises the 4 sextons (custodians). To contact David, please email him at or call the church at 202-393-3700.

Theo Brown

Theo Brown is the Director of the McClendon Scholar in Residence (MSIR) program at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. Theo works with the MSIR board to bring theological scholars from around the country to NYAPC to speak primarily on topics of race and poverty.

Kathryn Sparks

Kathryn Sparks directs the liturgical dance ministry at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. Her ministry brings creativity, joy, and thoughtfulness to our Sunday morning worship ministry.

Catherine Schultheis

Ms. Cathy Schultheis is the Director of Planned Giving and Special Gifts at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. Cathy has been a member at NYAPC since childhood, and brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience to her position. You will often see Cathy in the back of church on Sundays hosting and providing coffee and treat fellowship as well as preparing special gifts for the children and youth of the church.