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There are many ways to give to The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. First and foremost are the gifts of our time and talents. Members and friends are invited to become involved in the life and the many ministries of this church. Also important are our financial gifts. NYAPC’s Calendar of Generosity outlines opportunities available for giving throughout the year. Please follow the links below to discover specific, ongoing ways to give your financial resources to God and the work of God’s church.

Annual Stewardship and Giving to NYAPC

Toward the end of a Session meeting that included updates on the church’s current finances, the capital campaign, and planned giving, a weary elder pled for guidance: Where does The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church most need our gifts—annual stewardship giving, planned giving and special gifts, or capital campaign?

The answer is all three, but the most important, the foundational gift among these opportunities for giving is our annual stewardship commitment—the weekly, monthly, yearly contribution of some portion of our financial resources to God and the work of God’s church.

Certainly, from time to time the church has capital or other needs that warrant a special campaign. Begun in 2007 to modernize our elevators, renovate our sanctuary, and install a new pipe organ, the Building Connections capital campaign provides a recent example. As we watched the new organ take shape in the refurbished chancel in 2009-2010, we were grateful for the funds promised and paid thus far and anticipate we will discharge the debt incurred to complete this work.

Certainly, the church has benefited greatly from members and friends who have taken to heart the call to be good stewards of their accumulated financial resources, leaving the NYAPC generous bequests that have helped fund the church’s current ministries and its endowment. The legacies of these saints and special gifts in their honor or for specific purposes have ensured that after more than 200 years, this church continues to be a reformed and reforming presence in the heart of the nation’s capital.

But just as certainly, NYAPC depends on annual pledges from each of us in order to make commitments to fulfill the church’s many missions this year and beyond. And we need to pledge, not only for the church and its missions, but for our spiritual health and as an act of worship.

Giving to God

In his book, “Giving to God,” Mark Allen Powell urges us to view stewardship in its gospel context—not as expectation or requirement, but rather as option and possibility. Powell suggests that we answer the questions “to what should we give” and “how much” by carefully considering two types of faithful giving. The first of these is support, offering through pledges our fair share of what our church needs to accomplish its ministries each year. The second is sacrifice, giving something more and something we will miss because we are “joyful followers of Jesus Christ whose hearts are alive with love and gratitude for God.” Through gifts that reflect both support and sacrifice, Powell invites us “to accept God’s invitation to generosity, to live as [people] who [belong] to God and to give as [those] for whom giving is a duty and a delight.”