Expressing God's Love, Engaging in God's Justice

Extended Mission Statement

In 2000, NYAPC adopted the following mission statement to describe our life and work together.

Mission Statement

In thankfulness for God’s infinite love, we, the members of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (USA), believe we are called as individuals to join our separate gifts together as a community of faith in the reformed tradition, connected to Presbyterians around God’s world, to undertake the tasks which Jesus Christ has set before us. We search to recognize God’s gifts in others and in ourselves, to discover God’s will for our lives, and to do it.

We come from across the metropolitan area to worship and witness for peace and justice as a downtown congregation in the center of the Nation’s Capital because of the church’s rich history and the challenges offered which help us to grow in our faith. We hear outstanding preaching and inspiring music, attend varied Christian education activities, and continue our commitment to inclusiveness, hospitality, nurture, spiritual growth, and visitation among our own members and our neighbors. We are willing to take risks in our decision-making as our faith guides us.

Listening to God’s call to the future, The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church chooses to be witnesses for Christ guided by these additional principles:

    • We choose a broadening understanding of congregation which includes many people whose full value is not recognized in other systems.
    • We make our first priority those who are vulnerable: people in crisis, the elderly, the children, the mentally ill, and the homeless.
    • We strive to discover creative means to nurture our diverse, widely dispersed congregation with friendship and support.
    • We see the city blocks around us in their midweek busyness as one of our frontiers.
    • We continue to lead vigorously toward social justice and to use our building to promote it.
    • We are called to take a leadership role in the shaping of our downtown neighborhood.
    • We bring together people who, on other church paths, would never journey together.
    • We value hospitality even when it lessens our own comfort.
    • We will be a teaching church where the meaning of downtown congregational life and mission is continually being discovered and taught.
    • We welcome all travelers who come to this church, particularly those who love church history and urban mission.
    • We emphasize the leadership of our members, in partnership with clergy, as we engage in our dedication of time and talents.
    • We find spirit and growth in the above principles even when they challenge popular church theories. May God bless us in our ministry.


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