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Cuba Partnership

On December 14, 1999 the Session of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church adopted a resolution establishing "a sister relationship with First Presbyterian Church of Havana, Cuba. The purpose of the relationship is to affirm and build on the unity of the Presbyterian Church under Jesus Christ through a mutual exchange of people, communication, spiritual understanding, Christian education and Bible study, theology, cultural understanding (art, music, theater), financial support, and political understanding."

Since its establishment of a formal partnership in May, 2005, the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church has sent multiple missions to visit partner church, First Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Havana. These include four visits led by NYAPC Senior Pastor Rev. Roger J. Gench in 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2015; two visits led by NYAPC Music Director Stanley P. Engebretson in 2006 and 2010; two Advent visits in in 2006 and 2007; a Palm Sunday visit in 2012; and visits in March 2006 and April 2013. In addition, an NYAPC Elder participated in the 80th anniversary celebrations of the founding of Presbyterian Women in Cuba in April 2007, and a NYAPC Diaconal Minister attended the 65th anniversary celebration of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Matanzas in October 2011.

 First Presbyterian Church of Havana   17083544995_fb1487918f_k
 The First Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Havana, Cuba    The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church of Washington, DC




A group of visitors from the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in the courtyard of the La Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada de la Habana.