Covid Masking Update

Covid Masking Update

Effective Sunday, July 10, face masks will be optional for activities and worship services in the church building, in accordance with our Session-adopted policy that masks are not required when Covid community levels are low. If at any point the Covid community level changes to medium or high, masking will once again be required in the church.

At their regularly scheduled May 2022 meeting, the NYAPC Session, in partnership with the Covid-19 Task Force, adopted an updated Covid-19 and masking policy. 

Using the current COVID Community Levels established and monitored by DC Health, NYAPC’s policy is: Masks are required indoors when the community level is identified as medium or high.Masks are optional indoors when the community level is low.

While many people have waited anxiously for this day to arrive, it may come with a deep sense of apprehension for others. We fully support anyone who still chooses to wear a face mask or keep their distance.

Whether a person chooses to wear a mask or not is entirely up to them. A person who decides to continue masking may have an underlying health condition or be caring for a vulnerable relative, among a variety of other reasons. Whatever decision each person makes, and whenever they choose to make it, is entirely their own and should be respected.

This community has been a model of resilience and compassion these past two-plus years. Thank you for that. I ask that you continue to care for each other with that same measure of compassion and devotion. As we enter the summer season, I give thanks for the opportunity to walk alongside you as we trust in God’s continued presence with us. 

Grace and Peace, 
Sarah Johnson
Senior Pastor