Expressing God's Love, Engaging in God's Justice

Christian Education

Christian Education at NYAPC

What?  Christian Education and Learning for all.

Why?  “Following Christ into the world’s brokenness, we will engage fully in doing justice, treating all with kindness and mercy, and walking humbly with God.”  This vision demands a lifelong pursuit of learning, so as to equip each of us, young or old, for his/her transformative work in the world.


Sunday School for children and youth three years and older:  Children and youth participate in team-taught, multi-age classes, currently taught online via Zoom on Sundays. 

Sunday School for adults:  Adults are invited to attend electives on faith in action, spiritual practices, theology, Bible study and the arts. 

Other Christian Learning Opportunities:

Children and Youth:

  • Families with young kids gather several times yearly for fun and fellowship at Guy Mason Park for “the Littles.”
  • Middle and high schoolers meet regularly for youth group activities and go on a yearly summer camp to Massanetta.
  • A youth choir prepares to sing in worship about 5 times a year.  A children’s choir also sings for the Christmas pageant.


  • A whole spectrum of small Bible study and book study groups are available to join.
  • Young adults meet regularly to discuss theology at “Faith on Tap.”
  • The McClendon Scholar in Residence program brings scholars and practitioners to speak to and share with the entire Washington Community about questions of faith and action.
  • When the church building is open, docents lead church history tours after each worship service.
  • The Parents Group ordinarily gathers weekly during the 10 a.m. hour to share, commiserate and learn. Currently the parents’ group meets at 8:30 p.m. every other Friday by Zoom. To be added to the distribution list, Email Pastor Rachel at


  • The annual Fall All-Church Retreat offers a weekend full of intergenerational learning experiences.
  • Occasional Intergenerational Sundays offer opportunities for learning and sharing among people of all ages.

Child Protection Policy:  Since 2003, the Session of the New York Avenue Church has had in place a policy to ensure the safety of the children entrusted to our care.

Learning about our faith, its tenets, its history, and how we might live that faith out in our everyday lives is a lifelong pursuit. Therefore, Christian education at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church intends to involve the entire church community—children, youth and adults, and people of all races, ethnicity, abilities and family configurations. Because we define ourselves in part by our hospitality, we try to incorporate variety, intergenerational opportunities, and experiential learning into all that we do.