Expressing God's Love, Engaging in God's Justice

Christian Education for Children and Youth

We currently employ three kind, gentle and well-trained nursery workers certified in CPR and emergency care for infants and children. They care for our infants, toddlers and children four and younger. From September through May, the nursery is open from 8:30 AM to 12:45 PM. In the summer the nursery is open from 9:00 AM until noon. The times can be expended for special events.

Children in Worship

We welcome children and youth fully into the worship life of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. From September through May, children remain in worship until just before the sermon during the early [8:45 AM] service. After the Children’s Time, the children accompany Alice Tewell, Associate Pastor, to her office for Worship Play or remain with their parents/loved ones in worship. Children under four most often are taken by parents to the nursery instead of Worship Play. Children attending the 11 AM service remain in the sanctuary after the Children’s Time. They may go to a space set aside in the sanctuary and equipped with children’s books, paper and crayons.

From June until September, children under four can remain in worship, unless their parents choose to take them to the nursery for child care.

Children and Youth in Church School

At 10 AM every Sunday from September through May, the children and youth of the church and their parents and teachers come together for Gathering Time. At Gathering Time, they praise God through prayer and song and share special happenings of the past week and of the week to come. The children, youth and parents then disperse to their individual team-taught, multi-age classes for the rest of the hour. In recent years, in addition to worship, church school and confirmation classes, the youth have been encouraged to participate in mission trips led by other churches in the area. Our youth also participate in Presbytery-wide events.


Confirmation is the process by which young teens are given the opportunity to join fully the community of faith. We hold to a two-year confirmation cycle at NYAPC. A confirmation team of adult teachers meets with the students on Sunday mornings during the church school hour. There the confirmation youth receive instruction on the confessions of the church, church organization, Bible study, and experiential learning relating to faith practices. Each year we also have at least one weekend retreat. To culminate the two-year process, the confirmands and their adult sponsors make a pilgrimage to a place during Holy Week that is important in the history of the faith. In recent years confirmation classes have attended Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and Scotland.

Child Protection Policy

Since 2003, the Session of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church has had in place a policy to ensure the safety of the children under our care.