Capital Appeal Dedication and Pledge Card

Dear Friend,

We are writing to update you on the status of NYAPC’s Vision/2020 Capital Appeal.  The Capital Appeal entered its third and final year this fall. To date, we have raised $1.6 million toward our minimum goal of $2 million – a great show of support but we need a strong finish to our campaign.

The Capital Appeal was launched in 2015 after an extended conversation with our congregation about the need to pay for critical projects to clean, stabilize and enhance the exterior of our church and replace the HVAC system in Peter Marshall Hall.  Any funds raised above the minimum $2 million goal were anticipated to be used for other building improvements – the Capital Appeal brochure has a full description and can be found on NYAPC’s website at (under “Give” tab).  Since the kickoff of the campaign, other immediate needs surfaced, including needing to completely replace the church’s 26-year old roof ($250,000) and remediate significant mold issues in the sanctuary, organ and other areas of the church ($35,000 and counting).  The church’s low interest line of credit has been use to pay for these critically needed improvements, while being repaid with funds raised during the first two years of the Capital Appeal. However, the line of credit balance that still needs to be repaid is $1.37 million.

Taking care of the physical needs of our church building allows us to better support the mission activities of our congregation while providing a comfortable and welcoming place to worship. The Capital Appeal is part of a comprehensive effort to better understand and manage NYAPC’s infrastructure priorities.  The Trustees have taken the lead in making the aforementioned improvements and are continuing an effort to inventory ongoing needs.  At the same time, the Accounting Task Force has worked diligently to update the church’s accounting systems and procedures, and the Finance Committee is emphasizing maintenance and other physical improvements in the budget to improve the congregation’s understanding of the structural needs of the church and the overall church budget.

To support a strong finish to the Capital Appeal, we need your continued help.  By fulfilling a pledge you have already made, making a pledge now if you weren’t able to make one earlier, or adding a 4th bonus year pledge to your already fulfilled pledge, we can pay off our line of credit and begin to consider other building needs.  If you want to make a new multi-year pledge, we encourage you to do so.  You can also email a pledge directly to church senior accountant Lance Jameson at

With sincere gratitude, we thank you for your support and urge you to prayerfully consider how you can help make the final year of our Capital Appeal the strongest one yet, so we can continue to be “salt and light on this corner of Washington, D.C.”


David and Amy Gillies, Vision/2020 Capital Appeal Co-Chairs