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Alternative Christmas Gifts Catalog

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Alternate Christmas Gifts Catalog

December 7, 14, and 21, 2014

Alternative Christmas Gifts is an opportunity to give the gift of hope to people in this city and around the world. Each program has a connection to someone at NYAPC who cares deeply about the program and its people. This catalog contains a description of each program and some information about it’s present state. This year, we have local programs, namely the DC Geriatric Day Care Center and Open Arms Housing for Women. The international programs include: The International Medical Corps, Kenya Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Cuba Partners, Iraq Churches and the National Evangelical Church in Homs, Syria. We are also selling olive oil from Palestine.


Make your check payable to NYAPC, 1313 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005. Write the name of the program on the memo line, i.e. “OPEN ARMS,” “OLIVE OIL,” or “GERIATRIC DAY CARE.” If you wish to contribute to several programs with one check, please indicate the precise amount to be given to each program, or indicate “to be divided evenly with all seven programs.” Money for olive oil should be paid separately.



Go to, select ‘Ministries,’ then ‘Peace and Justice Committee,’ then ‘Alternative Christmas.’ Click on ‘GIVE NOW.’ Either log in or choose to donate as a guest. If your name and address are not already there, fill them in and go down to the bottom of list of giving opportunities to find the Christmas Gifts programs. You can give to several programs at once.

Please click 2014 Alternative Christmas Catalog to read the catalog.