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Expressing God's Love, Engaging in God's Justice

Advent 2020

Please note that all activities are online. See and church emails to connect.

November 29First Sunday in Advent Worship Service (prerecorded, available on website)
December 5Virtual Advent Retreat - 10 am to noon Discipleship in the Gospels Class - 4 pm
December 6Second Sunday in Advent Children's Sunday School/Pageant Rehearsal - 9am Worship Service with Communion - 10 am Youth Pageant Rehearsal - 11:30 am First Sunday FaithTalk - 5 pm
December 12Discipleship in the Gospels Class - 4 pm
December 13Third Sunday in Advent Children & Youth Pageant Rehearsal - 9 am Worship Service with Christmas Pageant - 10 am Coffee Fellowship - 11 am
December 20Fourth Sunday in Advent Children’s Sunday School - 9 am Lessons and Carols Worship Service - 10 am Youth Sunday School - 11:30 am
December 24Christmas Eve Service with Communion - 5:30 pm Christmas Eve Fellowship - 6:30 pm
December 27Worship Service (pre-recorded, available on website)
January 3Epiphany Worship Service - 10 am

Together at Home - Spiritual Practices During Advent

Advent Devotional Book - Every year, members write devotions for each day of Advent, and this year will be no different! The booklet is available for download here. If you want a printed version, email

Home Advent Wreath - Traditionally, we light candles of hope, peace, joy and love on Sundays, and you can do this at home, with candles of any color or shape, with or without a wreath. If you can, have your candles nearby for Sunday worship. A home Advent wreath liturgy is available for download here.

Especially for Families - We are providing resources for families to use as they observe this often busy time of year. Email Rev. Rachel Pacheco,, for more information.

Virtual Advent Retreat - Time for quiet, spiritual refreshment, and reflection on hope, led by Rev. Beth Braxton and Elders Tom Dunlap and Miriam Dewhurst, on Saturday, December 5, 10 am - noon.

Advent Reflections

The First Sunday of Advent - Hope

Mark 13:24-27 | Isaiah 64: 1-9 | Psalm 80: 1-7, 17-19
What does it look like to live with a posture of “wakefulness”—attentive to ourselves, others, and God?

What are the dreams we carry with us into this Advent season? What dreams from this past year have unraveled or been deferred? What new dreams must be nurtured?

Walter Brueggemann calls lament an “act of bold faith.” What is the relationship between lament and hope?

The Second Sunday of Advent - Peace
Mark 1:1-8 | Isaiah 40:1-11 | Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13
What are real life examples of preparing the way?
When has a dream interrupted or re-routed your life?

John the Baptist had a dream—but it wasn’t his to fulfill. What dreams have you helped to pass along, knowing you couldn’t fulfill them entirely? How can the Church prepare the way for God’s dreams to continue for generations to come?

The Third Sunday of Advent - Joy

Luke 1:46-55 | Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 | Ps. 126
Sowing seeds is always an act of faith. And yet, our entire food system depends on seeds. All plants begin and end with seed. Often we think of joy as a big, full emotion. But what if joy, like seeds, starts small? What are small actions that help us cultivate joy?

Why does Mary say yes—yes to carrying and birthing God’s dream?

The Fourth Sunday of Advent - Love
Luke 1:26-45 | 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16
Mary’s Magnificat emerges after she goes to Elizabeth. Her joy and confidence emerges and is sustained through the support of her cousin. What might have happened if Mary carried this news in isolation?

Mary’s song proclaims good news for the lowly and the marginalized—her song is not just about her. Her dream is shared and supported by family. What does this show us about how God works through community?