Expressing God’s Love, Engaging in God’s Justice

Lay Leadership

Much of the mission of the NYAPC is done through a board and committee structure. Helping on committees and board offers members a way to build community while we serve the church and the world.


The Session has overall responsibility for NYAPC’s mission and government, coordinates committee work, receives members, and maintains relationships with higher denominational governing bodies.  Each Session member serves for three years and there are 15 session members at a time.  The Session meets monthly, and their meetings are facilitated by the pastors.  The Session’s committees are Worship and Music; Nurture (Fellowship); Evangelism; Cuba Partners; Christian Learning (including Adult Christian Education); History; Sizoo Library; Funds Development; Stewardship; Finance; Personnel; and Administration.

Board of Deacons

The Deacons coordinate the outreach, social education and action ministries of NYAPC.  Work includes outreach to the homeless, recovering alcoholics and drug abusers, tutorial programs for the city’s youth, socialization for people with serious mental illness, outreach to people who are elderly, international missions, urban housing and other cooperative inner-city missions with the Downtown Cluster of Congregations and Washington Interfaith Network.  The Deacons also have responsibility for leading ushering at worship services.

Board of Diaconal Ministers

The Board of Diaconal Ministers serve NYAPC members through visits and calls to the sick, elderly, bereaved, those confined at home or in nursing facilities, those in trouble or in need of special care, and often deliver flowers.  They assist pastors and elders with communion, including special services and communion for the homebound.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees manage NYAPC’s building, investment and operations.  Trustee committees include Capital Improvements and Property Management; Administration; Investment; and Audit and Accounting.