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ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, any below mentioned in-person worship, programs, gatherings and meetings at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (and tenants) have been suspended until further notice. Many activities have moved to online platforms and the most current updates can be found on the Events Page.

The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

Meals for Neighbors In Need: The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church is committed to making sure that none of our neighbors are left behind during the pandemic. Hot lunches are served daily Monday-Sunday from 11:00am-1:00pm outside the church in Triangle Park. Many thanks to Jose Andres organization, World Central Kitchen (, who is providing 175 meals a day. And to the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) who is providing food from Catholic Charities and on the ground staff. In order to continue this important ministry, we need your help. Please sign up here to volunteer.


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Recent Posts: NYAPC Seeking God


Today, the church celebrates Pentecost, that great story from the book of Acts, in which there’s an outbreak of Holy Spirit in the city of Jerusalem. That day there was wind and fire and fury—some of the same things that were experienced in D.C. last night. But in addition to the fire and fury, there […]

What’s Going On: NYAPC’s Work with Returning Citizens Intensifies

The economic strain of the pandemic has made it even more difficult for thousands of returning citizens who are struggling to settle back into their daily lives after incarceration. During the past few weeks, members of the Returning Citizens Assistance Network at NYAPC and other congregations have helped a woman pay her rent so she […]

Dinners For Nine Continues … Virtually

How to keep our rotating “Dinners for Nine” going during the pandemic? Several hosts have stepped forward to try doing their dinners on Zoom – and succeeded! Obviously, you bring your own dinner to the computer screen, but other parts remain the same: Your host sets a date and a time, and you get to […]

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