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  • Compassion, Peace & Justice Training Day

    March 21-24, 2014 in Washington, D.C. Many types of violence afflict our world. Come to the Advocacy Training Weekend to address the causes of that violence and to seek hopeful solutions.

  • Scholars in Residence 2014

    May 16-17, 2014: "The Next Years: The Civil Rights Movement for Today and Tomorrow" Taylor Branch's coming marks a high point in a two-year conversation among the members of four congregations about how issues of race and class can divide us and how sharing our experiences and perspectives can begin to heal us and our community. During Lent of this year, members of the four congregations will read and discuss together, in large and small groups, Mr. Branch's recent book, The King Years: Historic...

  • The Season of Lent at NYAPC

    In addition to Sunday worship at 8:45 and 11 am, please refer to "Our Lenten Journey" for ways to observe Lent at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.

  • 60th Anniversary of "Under God" sermon at NYAPC

    To commemorate the 60th Aniversary of “Under God” sermon by Dr. George M. Docherty on February 7, 1954, the Presbyterian Historial Society will place the article, "Lincoln and Under God," on its blog and in their electronic newsletter.

  • Service to Justice Conference

    Learn how to move from helping people survive in DC to working toward long-term change in DC. A "Service to Justice Conference" will be held at NYAPC on January 24 and 25, 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.  Join the conversation in interactive workshops and discussions, along with skill building and networking opportunities.

  • The Gettysburg Address

    On November 14, 2013, PBS Religion & Ethics invited students and tutors from NYAPC's after-school tutoring program, Community Club, to recite the Gettysburg Address in honor of its 150th anniversary. The club meets at the church every week and provides dinner, academic tutoring, and mentorship to DC students ranging in age from 5 to 18. New York Avenue Presbyterian is also the church where President Lincoln rented a pew and sometimes attended services.

  • 2013 Alternative Christmas Giving—Nov 24, Dec 8, 15, 22

    See Displays about six worthy programs and donate to them. Local programs are DC Geriatric Center, Open Arms Housing and McClendon Center. International programs are Kenya Orphans, Iraq Churches, and Cuba Partners.  Inventory of Palestine Olive Oil is also sold. More info: Alternative Christmas

  • Beth Braxton Report of August 2013 Mission Trip to Kenya

     Click here to read  Beth Braxton Njoro Mission Trip Report   

  • Roshashana and Yom Kippur

    For almost 30 years, The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church has welcomed the Fabrangen Community for High Holy Days. Fabrangen, meaning “bringing together in joy,” is an independent, participatory, and egalitarian Jewish community, led by its members, that was founded in 1971. Please contact contact for further information.

  • 2013 Peacemaking Offering: A Season of Peace

    Discover a Season of Peace and learn what it means to be a peacemaker. The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church invites you to join us on a four-week pilgrimage during this Season of Peace, September 8-October 6, 2013, designed to deepen the pursuit of peace for congregations, small groups, families, and individuals. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.

  • Listening Sessions with the NYAPC Trustees

    JOIN THE TRUSTEES FOR JULY LISTENING SESSIONS ON RESTORING OUR CHURCH BUILDING "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." ~Matthew 18:20 In this context, what does "church"--what does The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church--mean to you? Understanding what this building means in our lives as members, in the lives of so many others who come through NYAPC's doors in the course of a week, and in the history of this country is important. It's important because if we wan...

  • The Cross and the Lynching Tree: The Conversation Continues

    The last of our four inter-congregational discussions of James Cone's "The Cross and the Lynching Tree" occurred at Luther Place Memorial Church on Saturday, May 11, from 10 to noon.  The Rev. Karen Brau of Luther Place Memorial Church led a conversation with members of her church of the last three chapters of Dr. Cone's book on race and faith in America.   

  • Dr. James Cone speaks at NYAPC

    Professor James Cone of Union Seminary (New York), known as the founder of Black liberation theology, spoke before nearly 200 attendees on Friday evening, May 24, from 7 to 9 PM.  The Rev. Dr. Cone, whose most recent book, "The Cross and the Lynching Tree," has been the subject of an ongoing conversation among four DC congregations, offered passionate and provocative insight into why and how he had come to write the book and its lessons for the Church and for America.

  • Aug 2013 KENYA Mission Trip Registration Closed

    Fifteen people have signed up to go on this mission to our Kenyan Partner, the Presbyterian Chuch of East Africa in Njoro to work with and meet the children in the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program, which we have supported since its beginning seven years ago.  They are: Shamika Bradley, Beth Braxton, Bob Braxton, Carol Casperson, Martha Davis, Kristin Ford, Matt Ford, Susan Kipp, Molly Lauer, Karen Milam, Marsha Renwanz, Habib Takele, Laura Turner, Jim Turner and Sarah Williamson. &nb...

  • Register for April 20 Women's Retreat!

    The NYAPC's Women's Retreat will be held at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center, 7100 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD. Parking is available. Rev Frances Taylor Gench will lead us.

  • A New Way to Make Pledge Payments

    The church now provides a new way to make pledge payments electronically: the direct transfer of the payment from a personal bank account to an NYAPC account set up specifically to receive pledge payments. This new method involves a pledger setting up a payment from a personal account to the NYAPC account as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) direct payment. Once established, an ACH payment is potentially the most efficient way, in terms of church administrative time and fees, to pay your pledge....

  • NYAPC Publishes 2013 Lenten Meditations Booklet

    NYAPC's 2013 Lenten Meditations booklet is now available in print at the church and in the Meditations Archive found in the Resources section of this website. Once again, members and friends have contributed meditations for each day in Lent, which begins Wednesday, February 13. The booklet is organized and compiled by Miriam Dewhurst and printed by the church office.

  • Three Congregations Unite in Worship on January 20

    There will be a joint worship service in our sanctuary on Sunday, January 20, at 3:00 PM. Three Washington congregations, Mt. Lebanon Baptist, Emory United Methodist, and The New York Avenue Presbyterian congregations, their pastors and choirs—complemented by the Jubilee Choir of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Boston—will join to praise God on Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday and the eve of the Inauguration.

  • KENYA Mission Trip

    Join us in an International Mission Trip to our sister church in Njoro, KENYA!   We will be a group of 6-15 Adults, older youth and children with their parent(s), traveling from August 5 – 18, 2013 (could vary 1-2 days, based on actual reservations).  The purpose of the trip is to further the partnership with our sister church in Njoro in support of their orphan care program, to learn to give and to receive, serving one another in the context of international Christian fellowship....

  • 2013 Stewardship Campaign: Dedication Sunday, December 2

    Please participate in NYAPC's 2013 Stewardship Campaign. Pledges will be dedicated on Sunday, December 2. There are several ways to pledge.

  • Cuba Trip Sign-Up

    The next NYAPC trip to Cuba to visit with our partner church, First Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Havana, will be April 15-22, 2013. The time to sign up is now. Deadline is Sunday, January 13, 2013.

  • Celebrate NYAPC Birthdays and the New "Birthday Fund"

    NYAPC celebrated Legacy Sunday on April 29 with the founding of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church "Birthday Fund." Members and friends of all ages came to Peter Marshall Hall for a time of fellowship, fun, and crafts with birthday cake and balloons. The "Birthday Fund" offers opportunities to celebrate life in a way that enhances the church's missions and community outreach. Please visit the Give section of this site and Special Gifts for additional information about the new fund.

  • Report of 2012 Witness for Peace Trip to Colombia

    Colombia: entirely new to me; very limited time to become prepared. Witness for Peace: an NGO, about which I knew nothing. I came to define it as a human rights monitoring and advocacy organization.

  • CUBA CORNER -- News from First Havana

    News from our partner church, First Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Havana, has focused on the initiatives and busy activities of the young adults and youth--all inspiring! In October at the Congregational Annual Meeting, First Havana’s Music Director, Sandra Santos, was elected to the Consistory (aka, Session), and Sandra’s husband, Oscar Cañizares, was elected Youth Group President. (Sandra visited NYAPC with two Elders in October 2010.) In addition, the new program “One More for Christ,” a Sa...

  • Online Giving Now Available Through NYAPC’s Website

    With the launch of its new website, The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church now makes it possible for members and friends to pay pledges and make other financial gifts to the church online. Please see A Guide to Online Giving under the GIVE tab above for step-by-step instructions on how to make electronic contributions. In providing this new way to donate, NYAPC has contracted with an outside company, Memphis, Tennessee-based ServiceU, for the web-based system that takes and processes donations. ServiceU specializes in w...

  • NYAPC Kicks Off Annual Stewardship Campaign

    Our annual stewardship campaign, Gifts of Gratitude, marks a collective effort to support the annual mission funding for The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. We hope that you will join us in giving gratitude for our blessings by pledging to either begin or continue to support NYAPC through regular financial contributions on top of the time and energy you already put into serving others. NYAPC's online pledge form is available on the Annual Stewardship page under GIVE. We are proud to be serv...

  • Our First Listening Campaign

    Community, intergenerational connections, the sound system, and our missions to the homeless and the children of the District of Columbia were some of the most mentioned issues that came up in the recent series of listening sessions held during five Sundays in June and July. On each of these Sundays, 35 to 40 people divided into small groups to discuss one of five questions: ♦ What is church to you and why? ♦ What is your deep desire for NYAPC?

  • A New History of NYAPC: Capital Witness

    UPDATE: Capital Witness: A History of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington DC has been published and is available for purchase through this website. Please go to the page titled "A New NYAPC History" (in About Us and then History) to buy your copy. You may pick up your book at the church office on the third floor during business hours, or elect to pay to have it shipped to you.

  • Deacons Sponsor New Youth Photography Project

    The Board of Deacons invites the congregation to join us in an exciting project that will teach teenagers in the D.C. foster-care system to use documentary photography to tell their stories and seek social justice. We propose that NYAPC host a reception for the youngsters and an exhibition of their work in late spring 2012.

  • Coffee Hour Returns

    Members and visitors are invited to gather for coffee and light refreshments following both worship services. After the 8:45 AM service, we gather in the sanctuary. After the 11:00 AM service, we gather in the Narthex.

  • Diaconal Ministers Flower Ministry

    The Board of Diaconal Ministers is in need of 46 oz. juice or vegetable cans or regular size coffee cans. Members of the Board cover these and use them to deliver flowers each Sunday to six people who are in need of care.

  • New Look for

    Welcome to our new web site! After several months of planning and diligent work, we are proud to launch a new look and feature set for The new site will allow visitor and members to access more information about NYAPC throughout the weeks, and will offer enhanced features such as a sermon archive, video and photos.

  • New Pictoral Directory Underway

    Thanks to everyone who had their pictures made for the new pictoral directory. Our last directory was in 2004, so many of us have changed quite a bit since then! The new directory will be created by a company called LifeWorks.

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