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Annual Stewardship

Stewardship Campaign 2015

It is with great joy that we welcome you to once again join us in celebrating and supporting the work of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, through our annual stewardship campaign. We believe that we have provided a way for 100% of our church family to commit and respond, and ask for you to renew your commitment between September 28 and November 2, with commitment Sunday, October 26.

We use the word “joy” because stewardship is a most joyful activity – the joy of giving of oneself and one’s resources. In the year of our Lord 2014, we invite you to a prayerful moment, to consider your contribution to the ministry of Christ and of this church, as you make a commitment for 2015—a commitment of your money, your time, and your spirit.

You can make your commitment with the enclosed card—returning it either at the church (in the collection plate or to Jan’s mailbox) or in the mail, sending an email to the Church Accountant Jan Maheras at, or complete the online option ( The enclosed card has the usual information with regards to financial commitment, but it also includes a commitment to pray for our church and our ministry. Regardless of your financial situation, we believe that each member of our church family can renew their commitment to this church through this option.

We cannot separate faith from stewardship. While we do not—and cannot ever—earn grace, we can put our faith into action. Where we put our mind, our heart, and our soul is never clearer than where we put the resources which are at our disposal.There is an arc of maturity in stewardship. The first is the recognition of responsibility, where the logic is clear–if the church is to continue in its work, its work must be funded by the people who consider that work to be important. The second goes beyond logic, to a calling of the heart—demonstrating our faith in action. The third moves even beyond that, to the recognition that stewardship is and of itself, a blessing. We need to give in order to become the people God wants us to be.When our Lord said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” He wasn’t preaching a platitude. He was telling us the truth.

What does the Lord require of you?
Roger Gench,   Laura Asiala
Senior Pastor   Stewardship Campaign Chair


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