Annual Stewardship

Stewardship Campaign 2014 

This year’s Stewardship campaign began while I was on sabbatical, with the theme of cheerful giving.  Thus I begin this letter with my heartfelt thanks to you, and the whole church family, for the wonderful gift of a sabbatical—which you gave cheerfully.  I feel renewed spiritually, relieved to have sent off my book manuscript a day before the deadline, and very happy to return to my privileged role of serving as your pastor.

You are among the generous members of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, cheerfully giving time, talent, and treasure.  We are counting on your financial support again for the year ahead, pledging to you that every dollar given will be used prudently for the ministries of the church.

Why do we give?  The Scripture is full of reasons.  First, we give out of gratitude for all God has given us.  We give because God tells us to share with those in need.  We give and discover that we are blessed through our giving.

Where does the money go?

~ outreach to the homeless (Radcliffe Room ministry, clothes closet and more)

~ 50 years of tutoring, whereby approximately 100 DC public school students are paired with adult volunteer mentors each year

~ socialization opportunities for those recovering from serious mental illness

~ the jobs initiative and other work of the Washington Interfaith Network

~ salaries and a cost-of-living increase for our hard-working support staff

~ worship services and special events

~ pastoral care and the work of the pastors

~ building operations and upkeep, for 7 days of ministry each week

Why pledge?  We are committed to responsible budgeting, responsible spending, and responsible prioritizing.  Pledges play a key role in determining what we can do—what God would have us do—in the year ahead.

Please pray about what you will pledge to the church in the coming year.  Only you can determine in your heart what appropriately reflects your gratitude for the blessings you have received.  Then I ask you to pray again, to discern how you might stretch to give more, in the name of the God who has given us everything.

With gratitude to God for you,

Roger J. Gench

You should each give, then, as you have decided, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly.

- The Apostle Paul, in his 2nd letter to the Corinthians (9.7)