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A Guide to Electronic Giving

The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church makes it possible for members and friends to pay pledges, make other financial gifts to the church, and pay for NYAPC events, such as retreats, electronically.In providing ways to donate through the church website, NYAPC contracts with an outside company, Memphis, Tennessee-based ServiceU, for the web-based system that takes and processes donations. ServiceU specializes in working with churches and offers the highest available level of security for online giving. NYAPC members and friends can designate the funds to which they wish to contribute and select the payment method—either e-checks (direct bank account drafts) or credit/debit cards. Donors who establish an online profile or account can make recurring gifts and keep and view a history of their online giving. In addition, anytime you log in to make a donation, you will save time because the system will automatically fill in known fields, such as name, address, and city.

Most opportunities to contribute electronically to NYAPC can be found in the “GIVE” section of the church website.

How to Pay Pledges by ACH Direct Payment

You may bypass the NYAPC website and make electronic pledge payments directly to the church by arranging for a transfer of funds from your personal bank account to an NYAPC account set up specifically to receive pledge payments. This method involves setting up a payment from your personal account to the NYAPC account as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) direct payment. Once set up, an ACH payment is the most efficient way, in terms of church administrative time and bank and credit/debit card fees, to pay your pledge. For more information and to establish your ACH pledge payments to NYAPC, please contact the Senior Accountant Lance Jameson in the NYAPC office at 202.393.3700 or by email at

How to Make A Pledge for 2015 Through the Church Website

At this time, we are experiencing difficulty with the on-line pledging for 2015. If you wish to pledge, please call Lance Jameson at 202-393-3700, ext. 224 or send a confidential email to him at, expressing your wishes.

      • Memorial and Special Gifts: Includes memorial or special gifts in memory or in honor of someone, a gift to the flower fund (again, in memory or in honor of someone), a gift to the Beyond the Budget Challenge List and the ability to specify which item on the list, a gift to the General Endowment Fund and the ability to provide information about your gift to the church’s endowment, and gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, and Christmas Joy. This form can be found on the “SPECIAL GIFTS” page under the GIVE tab on the website homepage.
      • Ministries: Includes gifts to the Christian Education Fund, the Cuba Partnership, the Kenya Partnership, the Deacons’ Fund, the Diaconal Ministers’ Fund, the Radcliffe Room Homeless Ministry, the 7-2-9 Ministry, the Community Club, the Benevolence Fund (local outreach), Disaster Relief and the ability to specify the relief location, and the Alternative Christmas Store for the year’s current store beneficiaries, such as the Baghdad Presbyterian Church, Cuba Partners, and the Kenya Goat Project. This form can be found on the “MINISTRIES” page under the MINISTRIES tab on the website homepage.

Music Program: Includes gifts to the music program overall, the Choir Fund, the Harpsichord Fund, and the Organ Fund. This form can be found on the “CHOIR” page under the WORSHIP tab on the website homepage.

Lastly, the online giving system supports payments for specific purposes, such as the purchase of copies of the new church history, Capital Witness. In this case, the form is located on the page that describes that item, for example on “A NEW NYAPC HISTORY” under “HISTORY” from the “ABOUT US” and “RESOURCES” tabs on the church website’s homepage.

Privacy and Security

The personal information you enter into the church’s new online giving system is not stored by the church, but by ServiceU. ServiceU includes an extensive privacy statement on its website, which can be accessed from the bottom of any of the donation login and payment screens. In general, it is ServiceU’s policy “to protect your personal privacy.” ServiceU and NYAPC encourage you to read and understand the details of this policy. ServiceU specifically states in its privacy statement that the company “will not sell or rent personally identifiable information to anyone”, and “will not disclose any collected information to others in ways different from what is disclosed.”

It is important to understand that once you register with ServiceU and sign in to the company’s services, you are not anonymous to ServiceU. In addition, please remember that your registration or account information is password-protected for your privacy and security. The security of ServiceU account relies on you to safeguard your ServiceU password. Any disclosure of your password to a third party may result in access to your registration or account information or execution of transactions. ServiceU uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect data transmissions of financial and certain other information. Financial information is stored in encrypted form on computers that are not publicly accessible via the Internet.


If you have any questions about ServiceU’s Privacy Policy, the practices of its site, or your dealings with it, please contact

Please let the church webmaster, Rebecca Davis (, or the chair of the Funds Development Cluster, Jim Spearman (, or Cluster member, Edith Snyder (, know if you have any comments or questions about online giving on NYAPC’s website.