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7-2-9 40th Anniversary

On February 14, 1979 the following persons met with friends from St. Elizabeths Hospital to become charter members of the 7-2-9 Club: Nell Cloer, Jack McClendon, Susan Eager, Wilma McKee, Jerry Evans, Mary Prothro, Betty M. Jackson, Alice Shafer, John Leitch, Anna Thomas, Fran Lynch, Paul Tomlinson, Will Myers, Betty Tupman All but Ms. Eager […]

Baptism: Christian Theology for All Ages in Language for Kids and Youth

As somewhat of a New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided to do a bit more blogging.  I thought I’d do a series on church language and practices for parents and other caring adults to use to talk with their kids and youth. It has a bit of progressive bent, but so do I. Here is the first […]